Eurofutur Classic Scotia


Classic beauty, timeless quality

The superb aesthetics of SYNCO synthetic door and window frames, combined with functionality, bestow a unique character upon any residence whether new or old. Continuous improvement in quality combined with strength and SYNCO support provide an ideal choice for a lifetime! Investments made by SYNCO S.A. in technological equipment, its well trained technicians and top quality materials selected for its products, combined with Κömmerling frames and multiple stress tests carried out at state-of-the-art manufacturing plant facilities in Germany, ensure the overall quality of a profile that performs perfectly even in the harshest of conditions, with an exceptionally high safety/security index.

High heat insulation window frame; total face width: 124mm.

Technical Characteristics
Frame depth of casement profile: 70mm
Face width of casement: 70mm
Depth of sheet profile: 82mm
Face width of sheet: 54mm
Maximum thickness of glass pane: 12-37mm
Sheet and casement reinforcement: 1.5-2mm thick thermo-galvanised steel
Mechanism: a GU Unijet-type, basic security mechanism is used; double perimeter mechanisms with two handles
Sealing gaskets
100% recyclable, with eco-friendly stabilizers
Charge groups in accordance with DIN EN 12207/12208/12210
Thermal insulation: Uf 1.3 W/ m2K 
Soundproofing up to Rw=47 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 140-3 
Burglar-proofing up to WK2 in accordance with DIN V ENV 1627 
Air permeability in accordance with DIN EN 12207 Category: 4
Water permeability in accordance with DIN EN 12208 Category: 9Α 
Wind pressure resistance in accordance with DIN EN 12210: Category: C3 / B5 
Mechanical strength in accordance with DIN EN 13115 Category: 4 
Functionality over time in accordance with DIN EN 12400 Category: 2
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